KCOM is a leading UK Communication and IT Services Provider serving Hull, East Yorkshire, and Northern Lincolnshire.

At KCOM, we’re committed to providing opportunities for our employees to develop personally and professionally. Volunteering is a fantastic way to gain valuable new experiences whilst supporting our local community. We want to keep KCOM a place where people enjoy working and offer a wide range of benefits which includes two paid days a year to volunteer. 

We’ve already volunteered on a wide range of community projects - from tree planting and supporting food banks, to collaborating on various charitable initiatives such as the Age UK Chatty Bus. Now we’re working in a more hybrid way, meaning we’re splitting our time between the office and working from home, our employees value the opportunity to volunteer as a group or part of a strategy day. This is great for team morale and builds relationships with community groups to return and help in the future.

See what our KCOM colleagues have to say about volunteering: 

“Helping in the community and making a difference to someone else, no matter how big or small, is so rewarding. Being able to take time out of work to achieve this is fabulous. If you haven’t volunteered before, do it. It really does make your day brighter!” - Susannah Bartram, Senior Account Manager 

 “I realised that even a small amount of personal effort, combined with the same from a small number of others, can make such a difference to these projects. Anyone can and should do this. It’s really worthwhile.” - Alan Harman, Technical Delivery Engineer 

 “For myself, it gave me a sense of freedom. Working from home can be quite challenging but getting up with a purpose to go out was so beneficial. I felt extremely overwhelmed when I started my day volunteering for Hull4Ukraine, but by the end of the day, I felt complete satisfaction that I was helping people in such unfortunate circumstances. It left me wanting to do more.” - Becky Urry, Interconnect Data Analyst

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