East Riding of Yorkshire Council is the local unitary authority of the East Riding of Yorkshire. The council provides a full range of local government services including Council Tax billing, libraries, social services, processing planning applications, waste collection and disposal, and it is a local education authority.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council very much values the additional support provided by volunteers, and encourages and involves volunteers in several areas of its work, recognising the range of expertise and skill that they can bring to particular tasks or projects. Volunteers make great ambassadors and can enhance the reputation and profile of the Council.

Some of the types of volunteer roles available are as follows:

Volunteering for Health and Wellbeing

• Strategic planning of projects

• Monitoring and evaluation of projects

• Assessing the impact of programmes

 Volunteering for Children’s Centres

• Helping with organising and hosting promotional events

• Supporting staff to run children’s centre sessions

• Helping with evaluation to ensure that children centres services continue to meet the needs of families

Volunteering for Museum Service

• Research and preparation of exhibitions

• Practical assistance around the museum

• Publicising the museum

Council Priorities and Volunteering

The Council values the contribution made by volunteers towards providing services that could not otherwise be provided to the same level or scope. Volunteers make a valuable contribution to the work of the Council for the benefit of the community and, in return, the Council seeks to develop their knowledge, skills and experience.

The use of volunteers has the potential to make a contribution to the achievement of all the Council’s corporate priorities:

• Growing the economy

• Valuing the environment

• Empowering and supporting communities

• Protecting the vulnerable

• Helping children and young people achieve

This ensures that the best and most effective use of volunteers will also make a direct contribution to the Council being a well-managed authority.

To take empowering and supporting communities as an example, volunteering allows people to work together to solve issues their community is facing, forge new social bonds and create social cohesion. In addition, volunteering can support an individual’s health and wellbeing, as doing something that helps others can be very motivating and fulfilling.

The Council acknowledges that volunteering also helps Council employees gain a wider perspective around some of the issues in their local community and provides a chance to contribute to an issue or area they really care about.

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