Community Volunteer Award (sponsored by East Riding of Yorkshire Council)

Award Winner, Joe Dixon, Howden Rotary Memory Café and other organisations

It is a tribute to Joe that every member of the Memory Café remembers him despite their illness. His happy disposition has helped him create bonds with service users, bringing joy to all he meets.

Outside of the café, Joe has helped the Howden and Goole community via many other ways.

He helps at Shire Hall, Junction Goole and at events like The Ashes and Howden Show.

Joe raised money for Castaway Theatre group and Alzheimer’s Society, cuts the lawn at the village hall, delivers flyers, helped Howden Helpers during lockdown, helps an elderly lady who lives with dementia, having helped to care for his grandma who had the same condition.

During lockdown, Joe thought up and created ‘envelopes of happiness’. He copied jokes, quizzes and pictures and sent them to residents to cheer them up.

There is more that we could say, but we think you get the idea.

Anne from the Howden Memory Café wants Joe to know that he’s quite remarkable.

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