Read about what it's like to be a Community Transport Volunteer Driver with Holderness Area Rural Transport (HART):

Our day starts with getting to the yard to check and record that the allocated bus is safe and fit to drive.

We collect the daily log sheet that tells us our passengers, their addresses and pick up times.

With the passengers safely picked up and seated, we set off! If we're in the MediBus, then we drop passengers off at a particular medical facility, or if we're in a shopper bus, we head to a specific supermarket.

Having made sure the passengers know their pick up place and time, we either park up in the area or come back for a second round of pick ups.

At the end of the day when everyone is safely back home, it’s time to re-fuel the bus for the next day and return it back to the yard, handing in the completed log sheet, fares collected and bus keys.

The bus is then carefully cleaned and sanitised by staff, so it’s ready to do it all again the next day.

Residents and passengers value our community transport service so much as it makes their lives so much easier.

Our passengers are extremely complimentary about our Volunteer Drivers and we regularly receive heartfelt thanks and praise from them.

At Christmas we receive countless cards, boxes of chocolates and biscuits to keep the drivers filled up with good cheer!

If you think you could be an amazing Community Transport Volunteer Driver, search for all local Driver opportunities here: Volunteer Driver Opportunities.

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