Read about Rod Chamber's volunteer experience with HEY Mind and how it's improved his wellbeing, in his own words:

When I retired from full time work in 2021 (after 43 years!), I very quickly realised how much my mental health and wellbeing had been in a good place when working with others, meeting people, having routine and feeling valued in some way. 

My mental health hadn't always been great, and I had a few episodes in my working life when I suffered severe stress and anxiety. 

When leaving full time work, I started to feel quite anxious and devalued, and sometimes in a very sad place, so I thought about the things that were important to my wellbeing when I was working (and it certainly wasn't the money!).

I decided to reach out into my local community and offer my experience, skills and time to help others as well as myself. 

Volunteering was my chosen path, and having done it for just over a year I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

The main benefits have been: making new friends, keeping busy, helping others, feeling valued, having routine, having a reason to get out of the house and socialise, feel like you are making a difference to others, boosting confidence and above all, I feel healthy both physically and mentally.

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