Time2Volunteer aims to make volunteering across Hull and East Riding, simple, valued and connected. This means:

  1. Making it easier for volunteers to volunteer
  2. Making sure the volunteer feels valued and has a positive experience
  3. Making sure volunteer organisations are better connected to reduce duplication of services and where possible, remove barriers to volunteering

We want volunteering to be as accessible and as fulfilling as possible. Time2Volunteer is here to make this happen by connecting volunteers to opportunities, helping groups establish their own volunteer programmes, and providing tools for organisations to manage the volunteering process. 

Time2Volunteer also aims to provide choice. Having volunteering in one place, volunteers can find out about a wide range of volunteer organisations and volunteer roles they may never have considered. Whether they want to volunteer for one organisation or multiple, start off simple and develop as they go, they can begin or continue their volunteering journey here.

Funded and delivered by

Smile Foundation Hull CVS, community and voluntary services East Riding of Yorkshire Counsil Hull City Counsil
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