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Special Constables are volunteer Police Officers who come on duties in their spare time. 

They have full police powers and have the same uniform and equipment as their regular colleagues. They provide an additional uniformed presence on the streets, reassuring the public, supporting crime reduction and help to make our communities safer.

Special Constables carry out their duties that fit around their full time roles and/or family life and work, alongside other Special Constables and regular full-time officers carrying out frontline policing duties.

On occasion, Special Constables can be called out to assist with major incident and, though these are thankfully few and far between, Humberside Police are always grateful for the extra support these officers can give.

A group of Special Constable Volunteers in uniform and smiling for the photo

We have had several incidents when we have called upon our Special Constables for assistance. These include major flooding and largescale fires.

Melissa Drury, Temporary Community Engagement Officer

In late 2021, there was a large factory fire near Hessle which coincided with the Special Constabulary’s annual Keith Binks awards evening. 

Due to the fire being close to the awards venue, the evening was cancelled and the officers that were due to attend, along with other Special Constables, were contacted and asked to ‘turn out’ to support the force with cordons and road closures.

Another example was during the COVID pandemic when our Special Constables continued to attend for duties, including patrolling key areas, dealing with calls for service and carrying out reassurance visits to NHS sites and Chemists.

These are just two examples of when our Special Constabulary has stepped up to support the Force when our resources are stretched. 

However, it needs to be remembered that our Special Constables are out and about most evenings and weekends, in all weathers, ensuring that our communities across the Humberside Police area are supported and kept safe, and we would like to thank them all!

If you or someone you know are interested in joining our team as a volunteer Special Constable, then please visit for more information and to directly apply, please click here.

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