Hull CVS has an established Volunteer Managers and Co-ordinators Network (VMCN) that supports local organisations to share good quality information on volunteering and related issues with each other.

Membership of VMCN is open to people and organisations who work with or manage volunteers within Hull. There are regular bi-monthly meetings and regular circulars between meetings help those involved stay abreast of news, events, training or developments.

The objectives of the network are: 

  • To share information on volunteer programmes and volunteer opportunities amongst members
  • To share common issues and successes relating to volunteer programmes amongst members
  • To share information on training and continuing professional development for volunteer workers and related roles amongst members
  • To provide highest possible advice on volunteer programmes and related issues to communities and groups
  • To provide a critical link between wider communities, Hull CVS and volunteer programmes
  • To identify duplication or crossovers between members
  • To provide responsible advice around volunteering and related issues
  • To advocate our partners and members in the communities in which we work
  • To represent members on shared strategic issues where appropriate and relevant
  • To distribute information from funders into local network at the earliest possible stage
  • To represent our members organisations and where appropriate, third sector groups on a national level
  • To share local issues ideas and solutions – best practice explored amongst the membership.

Many have joined the network after completing the Level 3 Award Volunteer Management Training. 

This course has been delivered as a partnership between Hull CVS and HCUK Training, and is designed for those who support and manage volunteers. It focuses on a manager’s personal practice and explores new ways to do things. Successful completion of the course leads to the SEG Awards Certa Level 3 Award in Volunteer Management Qualifications.

Anyone wanting to join the VMCN, or requiring further information about the Level 3 Award Volunteer Management Training, are encouraged to get in touch with Hull CVS’s Volunteer Manager Natalie Norton on

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