Social Action is people coming together and taking action to tackle common concerns that are important to improving people’s lives and communities.

It involves people giving their time and resources for the common good, from volunteering, community organising or simple neighbourly acts.

So, whether you choose to volunteer, campaign, fundraise, or transform a building for community use, it all fits under the umbrella of social action.

Have you got an idea of how to improve things in your local community? Or do you see something every day and think “I could make that better for everyone?”

Perhaps you walk the dog every morning and you notice a lot of litter on your usual route. You might start to pick up a few bits of litter on your way to the bin. This small act is social action. On your next walk, you might take a carrier or bin bag with you to be able to pick up more. A passer-by might notice what you’ve been doing, and they might join you. You might decide to join or start a local litter picking group. You might ask to give a talk at a local school or community centre about the importance of disposing of rubbish responsibly, to solve the problem at its root. The area might become a lot cleaner and more enjoyable, and you might notice that litter appears less often. From that small act, you’ve made a real and positive change!

Ellie Goodyear, Volunteer Project Manager at HEY Smile Foundation said: “Through the commitment of people, social action can empower communities and help others in need. Taking part in social action is also associated with higher levels of wellbeing and can improve people’s confidence and skills. When people come together for social action, communities are heard and power begins to shift, creating real change for good. However big or small it may seem; we are here to support you to take action.”

Do you have an idea you’d like to explore? To answer some questions you may have, please visit Social Action.

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