Iain has been a volunteer with Yorkshire MESMAC for many years now. Here is what he has to say about his experiences volunteering for them:

“I have volunteered with Yorkshire MESMAC since 2016 and have supported various aspects of the service's work, such as with LGBTQ+, BME, and student communities.

"The work is varied, enjoyable and rewarding. While the office-based volunteer roles are of course very worthwhile, it is particularly enjoyable going out into the community and interacting with service users where they socialise or study, such as clubs / bars, colleges, and universities, with sessions such as Student Testing, and Swingers Social standing out in this way. 

"The annual Hull Pride event is another highlight of MESMAC's work and a lot of fun for its volunteers, while also carrying important messages and awareness-raising responsibilities. Support is readily available for volunteers, as are training and learning opportunities.

I am proud to be a Yorkshire MESMAC volunteer and plan to continue my work for an excellent service.

Iain, Yorkshire MESMAC Volunteer

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